Normally when we make New Years Resolutions we kinda treat them like hookers; pick one's that look good, play around with them, then forget them. Has anyway actually stuck with their resolutions up to this point?

I've dropped a couple, mainly the ones that were stupid and didn't make me happy. The others I'm still workin on.
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Mine was to get stuff done with my band. But due to the events that occurred in the last thread I posted, thats not going well at all.

(They kicked me out for no legitimate reasons.)
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I've been kicking ass at life, so mine was to continue in my life ass kicking. Hasn't gone so well so far, so I'm just kicking life's shins.
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my new year's resolution was to not make new years resolutions.

i'm sticking to it.

But if you're not doing, that, then, it, New, Reso-, ERROR, ERROR.
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my new year's resolution was to not make new years resolutions.

i'm sticking to it.

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Mostly, so far I've successfully joined a band again for the first time in ages and have been hanging out with my friends a lot more.

Only thing I haven't done is raise my GPA.
mine was to get stuff done with my band and its totally happening now. we have been a band for about three years, but just recently started getting serious about it. we'll have a demo done soon, and then hopefully a full album sometime in the summer or fall, we have enough material, we just need to get it perfect....
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mine was to be nice to people. i have a tendency to lash out at someone when they say something stupid and lately I've tried not to do that.
My New Year's resolution was to do what I want to do all day every day.

Due to lack of funds, this is nearly impossible
mine was to keep workin out at the gym and tryout for rugby next yr at my university..
i have so far kept up with it yes
/excluding the 2 week cardio break due to midterms
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Considering New Year's Resolutions are fairly pointless I would rather make a resolution when i have something to resolve. So meh, I have no resolutions.
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to practice gutiar more

and i have been doing it and i can see results

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