Hey I've seen a lot people talking about how much they hate Avenged Sevenfold, and I was just wondering why people hate them. I always thought they were pretty good and I listen to a few of their songs, but I'm not trying to argue with anyone I just wanted to know why other people thought they were so horrible.
1. The worst "singer" i've EVER heard. He even killed his own voice and had to get surgery.
2. The guitar tone sounds like a playschool toy guitar.
3. The bassist who is just a reinforcement for the bass drum.

I actually have no problems with the drummer. I've never seen him miss a beat live, and seems like a pretty cool guy.
I personally like them. A lot. It all comes down to opinions.
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i just dont like how their songs sound, especially the vocals. it sounds very mainstream and i'm just not a fan. i'm probably being hypocritical though because i think the new Trivium album is great so i dont know
i like a bunch of them songs, ppl here are just tone nuts so if the tone isnt perfected they will call the nubs, when synyster can pwn them, alot of it is anger cuz metal heads dont like bands that make it to mainstream status, so juts ignore the haters
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jimmybanks youre a genius

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I personally like them. A lot. It all comes down to opinions.


Including the part about liking them a lot.
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I don't see what there is too like? They remind me of those awful metal bands you see at your high school, except they actually got somewhere