I can't make up my mind.. I need help =[
I have a 300 budget and im looking to upgrade my gear... right now i have a squire strat and a fender frontman 15W.... Almost 90% of the people i asked said if i was gonna change anything I should buy a new amp but im not sure.... If i was going to get an amp.. i was thinkin the line 6 spider III 30W b/c i want EFFECTS!!! lol do you think i should just get a multi effect system (like a floor pod plus) or should i go with an amp (modelling amp) with a built in effect.. if you say amp plz suggest me one thats under 300 or 350 MAX

I get people telling me Peavey VYPYR al the time but thats OUT OF THE QUESTION because the music stores in my region only have marshall, traynor, vox, line 6, fender and ampeg amps..... i would want a VYPYR but i would have to buy it online which my parents dont trust.

Should i get multi fx? i really want flanger delay and chorus

Types of music i enjoy: All but really heavy metal ie// screamo

looking to buy a new amp*
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1 way or the other, It's gonna sound like ****. Doesnt matter what you have, if it goes through the fender it's gonna sound bad. get a vox valvetronix if ur on a budget like that, surprisingly good for a digi-amp.
the spider has decent effects but it's a bit of a letdown for distortion
the floor pod plus i have never tried but is always highly recommended and should sound fine through the clean channel of your 15G(not as bad as people say)

other than that look into the vox valvetronix, not as versatile as other modelers but has a more tube like sound
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Look at either the VOX or a Peavey Vypyr, both great amps. Personally, i like the Vypyr better.

EDIT: didnt read the bit were you said you couldnt get vypyr's... sorry.

Vox then. Or try convince your parents to buy online.
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3 threads today for the same thing?

I'll ask again in this thread, maybe you won't ignore my post.

Are you set on buying new?
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Why don't you take any of the advise from the threads and just make more threads? It's really annoying and probably against the rules.

For screamo, the Roland Cube 30 is arguably the best since you CAN"T GET A VYPYR. Don't judge an amp by how it looks, use your ears.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
new amp for sure

I still use my squier strat occasionally with my 30 watt tube amp, and I like how it sounds. I can easily get early chili peppers sounds, especially mother's milk album tones, even with the low quality guitar. I also have a gibson les paul studio and use the squier over it sometimes depending on what sound I want. Yep you heard me. I sometimes use my squier over my gibson.

A good amp will make a bad guitar sound decent/good
A bad amp will make even a good guitar sound bad

my brother, who's been playing guitar for about 5 years now and even gets paid to give guitar lessons, still uses a vox valvetronix 30 watt. It's the ad30vt to be exact, and he loves it. He also plays my more expensive gear all the time, and isn't even considering getting a new amp, so that's saying something.
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