I have pain in my throat when i drink water. Its weird because its on one side of the roof of my mouth/throat and its like a gland or something. . I will get to a doc but im working tomorrow and cant until Monday. Anyone experienced this?
yeah. It exploded. Not fun.
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Too much penis?
Or maybe if thats not the case its just a cold?
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dude.........i had/have the same problem

the sore gland is probably tonsilits
does it kinda of scrape when you swallow? EDIT: does it feel rough.....like sand paper kinda...

but what you gotta watch out for is glandular fever

it can potentially knock you on your ass for 6 months the doc told me

they took a blood test and i have it.........ive been out for a week and im feeling better already, but yeah....watch out for that glandular fever it sucks some serious balls!
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its your lymph nodes and with me it usually means im about get really sick. you could be looking at strep throat or mono (unless you've had that). definitely try to get to see the doctor as soon as possible because in a few days its gonna suck. you wont be able to drink or eat anything.
Whilst the pit is not a doctor i will go ahead and point out that throat pain as you describe is usually caused by bacteria building up on your tonsils. The doctor will identify this by locating many tiny pustules on one or both of your tonsils.

Basically you want to drink plenty of room temperature water and avoid any very hot or very cold substances. And a broad spectrum antibiotic will do wonders in moderation.

If left untreated it could go away, or it could become full blown tonsilitis. Or worse.

But like I said...

Pit =/= Doctor
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excuse the pun but this totally sucks. i got zero sleep last night and cant do anything today because im in a lot of pain and im tired as hell.
You might have glandular fever.
Gutted, if you do.

Go get it checked out though, and eat/drink lots of soup