'Ello there, the name's Matt and I've been playing guitar for a couple weeks. Got around to learning my first song (for the most part) and its given me the motivation to continue playing, but there seems to be a problem: the last three strings of my guitar have incredible twang on it. In comparison with twiddling around with other guitars, I noticed that the strings on mine are a little farther off the fretboard than the others. Everythings completely tuned, but when I asked another friend of mine about it (also plays guitar) and he said that he lowered the action on his strings to get them closer. Any ideas as to what my problem is?
with the guitars ive seen it uses a small allen key to raise it
or it might just mean that your strings are new and they need to be stretched
I'll tell you mad twangage, try putting a set of 8's on a less than set up telecaster, it'll sound like a sheet metal shop, I swear to god. Make sure the action and intonation are good and in check. That SHOULD help.