hi im considering getting a dinky
wondering what your oppinions are
im just starting to learn guitar and i can play just another star and a couple other songs
I don't like Dinky's
I'd go with an Ibanez or something to start out..
What's your budget?
What music do you play? or want to play?
Ibanez GSZ120
Mitchell MD-100S
Roland Cube 60
Boss DD-7
if you are going to spend 200 dollars on a beginner guitar, then you are going to need more for an amp and all that. Buy a package that contains a guitar, amp, and accessories. Some popular brands are Squier (cheap Fenders), Epiphone (cheap Gibsons), Ibanez (these own)

if you want to spend a bit more...

buy a schecter damien FR. I think they are 300 dollars, and some people have said they own high end ESPs. I have played this guitar before (not high end ESPs though), and its good for shredding and overall speed and control. also, it has pretty good features which you can check out for yourself.

but if your a newbie, buy a kit and go on from there. Thats how I started
fire to the max im sorta more of a metal man
and i HATE anything that has gibson or sg in the name and even if i did like them i wouldnt me able to afford them ><
and kyle i like it mainly for the reverse head
Clearly it is all a mater of opinion because I love my dinky. I have a few guitars including a Gibson LP and a MIA Strat and my $200 Jackson is by far the most comfortable and easiest to play with an unbelievable neck. And after a pickup change it sounds quite nice too.
and technical i already have a amp i can use and a distorion pedal
so there is no need for a kit
i was also looking at the shecter revenger
or the syn gates custom >< if i had enough money
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but anyway schecters are pure metal man. good for death metal. I played my friend's damien and DAMN. Since I play technical death metal, I find the Damien FR to be adept for speed playing and control for abrupt tempo changes. Its neck was also really fast to play on. It is a bit heavy, but meh. If you wanna shred, I recommend this guitar
oh okay ill grab a few thicker picks when i get my guitar
and also i am replacing the strings on the dinky with lthb strings
purely because i play just metal and they are the best strings for it (so i think)
I use ernie ball super slinky RPS strings. For metal get 0.009 gauge strings. The strings I use are 5-6 dollars for all six strings. They last long too, and they don't move around too much thanks the RPS thing which holds on tight to the pegs.
sounds good ill buy some picks on my way home since im going to a mates house and ill use his dads ibanez ^^ and see what picks i like the best
i bought the guitar on laybuy
anyone have/had this guitar and can you give me a short review
please ^^