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Sean Penn & Take-Out Food

I wake up to find myself
With blue lips wrapped around
The muffler of her Ford

I have vague memories of Sean Penn
Ridiculously unhealthy take-out food
And an emergency room visit
Floating around someplace between my ears

The fuzzy garage windows
Jump out and snag my skin
Teasing and tickling my frayed nerve ends

I am a quiet Indian boy
Waiting for the kill
Legs pulled in close to chest


Jagged little pills coat my pockets with desire
And present me with a decision
The sheer strength of will power?
Or the weakness created by human emotion?
I choose the latter

Messy memories still rearanging themselves
They shake and wiggle in between my brain waves
Thousands of cut and paste mishaps
Burning forests
Dying housepets
And the stiff smell of rubber and woodchips

I label you mine
Stress level below zero
Blood alcohol level crashes through the roof
Climb over myslef
Exit through the hole

Stinging flailing limbs
Serenity in it's most primitive form
Dying brown chloroplasts
Weave themselves into my hair
And I let myslef fall

There is nothing that can be done
I float to the ground
And try to forgive myslef
For something I didn't do

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"Some even claim that I'm a terror, a dictator and they're right." - Lou Reed

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