hi guys

i just bought a new Fender guitar about a month and a half ago

and a couple days ago, i put a capo on the 2nd fret and played for like 5 minutes

and when i took it off, the e string had horrible fret buzz when i played it open

i looked at the nut and it appeared that the hole in the nut for the string had sunk a bit

should i call fender about this?

i looked at their warranty and it said it doesn't cover wear and tear on the nut

but its only been a month and a half and i dont think that constitutes normal wear and

tear on the nut

ya if its under warranty still call em. if not just fill the gap with something, paper should work and you probably wont be able to see it if you trim it down right.
I've never dealt with a guitar company with warranties, but if for some reason they don't fix it or send you cash, take it to a luthier.
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Relax, its a cheap fix. Just take it to any music store.

EDIT Bone is better than plastic, as long as you are having a new one made.
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