..I've tried it on bass and it's okay..I'm probably gonna try using guitar pedals on my bass so I can get the effect without buying the bass versions..I was also thinking of getting a Big Muff but I'm not sure if I should get the guitar version or the bass version. Do guitar pedals work okay on bass if you use them occasionally?
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What does "low end" mean? Well I know it means that "boom boom" bass sound but I like playing hard rock music that uses treble so it should be fine.
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Why not try the bass pedals out on guitar? You may like it and you wouldn't have to sap your bass of it's oomph.
Guitar pedals operate on guitar frequencies, so I assume that they aren't designed to continue outputting the bass signals that a bass guitar inputs. So, by low-end I guess you'dlose the trouser-flapping end of the signal, but if you dont have much bass in your tone, then I wouldn't worry.
Again, at a guess, Id say oomph refers to the bass and lo-mids of your signal that I dont think a guitar pedal would output properly, since punch is generally provided by mids. But if you go for hi-mids and treble as you suggested, you should be okay.
They'll both sound fine in your bedroom but in a band setting you'll get lost completely in the mix if you dont get the bass version. I don't think it's that much more expensive anyway.

The problem with the guitar version is that it cuts lows, and because the sound of a big muff is a scooped mid tone you end up completely non existant to a band.
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