So I have this body off some behringer strat copy that i think would look good on my fender strat. The behringer has a black body and the fender has a sunburst. I don't really like the look of the sunburst and i think the black would look great. I don't know what wood the behringer's body is but i heard somewhere that its balsa and i think the fender is alder.
Also I don't know exactly what to do to switch a body. Will the type of wood effect the fender's tone? The sunburst finish isn't that bad but i think the black would look cooler. So would it really be worth it?
Fender's body wood is probably better.
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The wood would absolutely change the tone! Usually it is not so good to use cheaper woods, unless you like the tone you get out of it.
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Fail thread is fail. Just repaint the Fender or suck it up.
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Fail thread is fail. Just repaint the Fender or suck it up.

Sorry, i am a newb when it comes to guitar building and customizing. I am probably just going to keep the sunburst body. thanks for all the responses and advice