I have found two teles i like and am in a stalemate here. I can get a Classic 50's Tele used for $499 and the American Vintage '52 Tele for $1000. I like the feel of both. I like the look and sound better on the American Vintage '52. But, i believe I could get the Classic 50's Tele up there in sound by swapping the pickups. And the looks aren't too bad. So, should i get the Classic 50's and swap the pickups for cheaper $$$ or should I get the American Vintage '52 Tele? The American '52 seems perfect cept for one concern, the pickup switching. Is it true that you can't get both the neck and bridge pickup on it?
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I like the look and sound better on the American Vintage '52.

i think based on this statement i would go with the AV.

also, you dont REALLY know what the other one will sound like with new pups in it, it may sound DIFFERENT, but you might not get the sound you WANT
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Used guitars have more character, but if you've got the cash, I'd go American Vintage. I'm pretty sure you can get both pickups on at the same time. The switch all the way forward is one pup, all the way back is the other one, and in the middle is both. But now that I look at the ad on Musiciansfriend, I see something about "Includes wiring kit for modern switching conversion." The one I'm looking at (http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-American-Vintage-52-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=510062) is more like $2,000, so maybe its a different axe, but either way, you should be able to wire it anyway you want.
Well, thats it. Im getting it used for $1000. I was concerned because i heard its bridge pickup, trebly neck, and regular neck setting. No combination setting. I wonder whats the deal with that wiring kit?