Poll: Ever been one of the "long hairs"?
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Yeah, and still.
192 47%
Used to, but short FTW
160 39%
Never had long hair. Hippies...
54 13%
Voters: 406.
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I mean head hair, by the way. I've had somewhat long hair and am chopping it all off tomorrow, likewise. Too bothersome to take care of.

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Cut mine for the same reason grew it for 2 years before I got too lazy to keep maintaining it
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I had long hair, lost a bet then had to shave it all off. Currently growing it all back.
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Reporting in. Check teh pics.
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used to have a mad scragly shag-fro

now its short

wheres the "used to, but now short, LONG FTW" choice???
I used to have like should-blade length hair for a few years about three years ago. Now I've got jaw-line length shaggy hair.
I tried to grow it out in like grade 7 but I got it like medium and it was super greasy so I cut it. Long hair usually looks weird on guys, except for some people that can pull it off.
I had long hair from as soon as I could grow it long (So, you know, like, a toddler) until the middle of last year. I got my head shaved when I was sitting in the local shopping emporium with my friends, discussing something only vaugely related, and I said "I'd shave my head." They challenged me to do it right then, I said I would if they payed for it, and they did. Kept it short since, which has been pretty cool. I'm thinking of growing it back now, but I'm not sure if I actually will or not.
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My hair goes down to mid back, I will probably cut it one day but it doesnt bother me. It will never be above shoulders if i can help it. I look VERY bad with short hair.
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i cut mine about a month and a half ago.

i like it short now.

Yeah, this. I donated mine.
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

used to have nipple length hair. cut it to medium length a few months ago
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It used to be down to my shoulders, but I cut it short. I have a buzzcut now... haha.
shave in spring, probably again around june but i wanna grow it back out for next winter

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I'm growing it out now. The longest I've had it was when I had a mini mullet growing cuz I was too lazy to cut it frehsmen year, and last year when I had a faux hawk. Now i'm letting it grow out out of laziness again but I enjoy it longer too and I wanna see what it looks like. It gets greasy and I don't know how to style it well but w.e.
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myhair is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly long. So long I'm too lazy to measure it

Its almost as long as Herman Reeeeeeeeeeee's

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Mine was long last year, then i got it cut for the summer. Its long now, but will be short real soon.
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I used to have hair that was almost halfway down my back. Two years ago I decided to get short hair again and I have no regrets at all. It looks better (on me at least) and is a lot easier to maintain.


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Cut mine for the same reason grew it for 2 years before I got too lazy to keep maintaining it

Pretty much the same deal here... Except the reason why I let it grow is because I got lazy... And it was just starting to get too inconvenient

EditPS: I voted for the "Used to, but short FTW" option because I used to have long hair... But short hair is for hairy asscracks (no pun intended)
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Mine is just a bit below my ears right now
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Used to be long. Short now, staying that way.
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I've had shoulder-length hair twice, but got it cut a bit less than a year ago.
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I was going to grow it long, but it got too annoying when I went to the gym/swimming/running, so I got it cut shorter.
Mines a bit past shoulder length, just cause I'm too lazy to go get it cut all the time.. My hair grows very fast
I had it halfway down my back(and loved it) but I cut it to spite my ex, lol. I'm growing back out, it's just now reaching my shoulders.

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Had hair around shoulder length for about 5 years and cut it all off about a year ago. Short hair is way easier, I used to have to shampoo and condition it everyday or it would tangle and become unmanagable. It's so much easier just to put in a little shampoo and be done with it in a minute.
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I cut mine a few weeks ago, dunno why, i just did.

Looks way better now anyway.

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Yea I think you could consider my hairs long.

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