I've been thinking about replacing the pickguard in my old squier recently. Its not really worht a lot, but it has some sentimental value. So i've never done any wiring before or soldered or anything. And idk exactly how nit works. I was just gonna buy a cheap loaded pickguard and then install it, and i think i can get one of my teachers help me solder it, but i was wondering whether or not i'll need to replace the output jack in the guitar as well as the pickguard or if i can just use the same jack. Thanks!
you can use the same jack.
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ahh cool thanx. like i said this would be the first time i've done any mods. I'm really just doing this to play with it rather than really better the sound. any suggestions on cheap loaded pick guards?
Buy a 40 watt soldering iron and some 60/40 rosin cored solder and go to town. Just watch youtube videos and practice before you touch anything.
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well like i said i have a teacher at school who already knows how to soder and can teach me and also has sodering equpiment, though i do plan on getting my own at some point. Thanks for the advice, i'll remember it when i do buy my own stuff.