I just bought a brand new Fender Blues Jr NOS tweed and wonder if I should buy an extended warranty from Guitar Center. I've been reading mixed reviews on the reliability of this amp. Most likely I will get the extended warranty but want to ask the forum before i do it. However, it does come with a 1 year warranty but I'm not sure if this is good enough.

I will be using this amp at home everyday for 1 or 2 hours at a reasonable volume level since I live in an apartment.
It's fine, I wouldn't waste money on an extended one. Fender has a good warranty to begin with, gc's just looking to make money
I'd consider getting it bias modded. The tubes are run way too hot in those things. Get it bias modded will improve the tone (it did for me, YMMV) and will make the amp run much cooler. Actually, that will void the warranty, but the amp will run much better and sound a lot better.
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