Ok so I'm entering my third month as a guitarist. I'm still shaky with chord changes, but I've been doing scales (major, minor (harmonic and melodic), all pentatonic excluding natural)) almost every day, but only in one octave so I haven't treaded past the 12th fret yet...but I've still noticed MAJOR improvement in terms of my comfortable-ness with the fretboard, and my overall movement has become more fluent. I'm still apprehensive about improvising, but I'll eventually suck it up and start spending about 30mins a day doing that.

So now I'm looking to move away from the Avril Lavigne and Blink 182 songs, and start learning songs which require me to utilise the majority of the fretboard. I'd also like to try to do some easy solos, so if anyone knows any songs which have some easy solos to learn I'd greatly appreciate that as well. I've already started learning Plug In Baby by Muse, so I just want another song to have in stock so I can move on to that when I'm done with this song.

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songs which require me to utilise the majority of the fretboard

Spawn of Possession
solo too you shook me all night long by ACDC is pretty easy and uses the whole neck...
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solo too you shook me all night long by ACDC is pretty easy and uses the whole neck...

I was thinking the same thing... You Shook Me All Night Long has some big time chord switching and a pretty moderate solo... so it would probably be beneficial to you TS.

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Try to learn Toast and Bananas by Blink 182. Its not like the rest of the Blink songs.
Sunshine of Your Love -- Either the original (Cream) or the more chaotic cover (Living Colour)
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What Happened To You? - The Offspring.

Solid song to learn some ska strumming patterns and quick chord changes. Has a simple solo at the end.
the whole lotta love solo is pretty slick and easy to learn, if you're really feelin it play an e minor to simulate the bass thumps between the guitar work it helped me become much more comfortable with switching octaves
shook me all night and paranoid both have pentatonic minor solos and are pretty easy, under the bridge (red hot chillies) is good for partial barre chords, and if you take it slow the stairway to heaven solo isn't too hard.

If you're not too comfortable with improvising yet I'd be tempted to focus on using the pentatonic minor scale for now, with the occasional blues note thrown in. If you haven't already, download some jam tracks and just noodle along to them. I got over my improv fear by doing that, and posting the results on here for some feedback - cos I was petrified of improvising in front of anyone (including my teacher!) so posting stuff here was like a halfway house.
'Chosen Ones' by Drem Evil

A lot of E string on the 3rd fret for a good part of the song but good for getting you used to making sudden chord changes. Some pretty tricky ones are in that song. All in all it's a very easy one though.
A moderate song in my eyes would be 'Blood Bound' by Hamerfall. Though it's higher on the difficuly by a litle bit it's chord changes aren't as difficult
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Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. It's an extremely easy song, and uses a good amount of the fretboard. And it has a really good solo in it that is easy to learn.
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