Uh, hey. I've been a member here for a few months (I think). Never really posted, just signed up so I could correct a tab... Anyway. I'm a singer in a band (play bass and a little bit of guitar too though), and surprisingly, I actually feel obligated to spill my angsty little teenage heart in song form.
Problem is, I'm blow at it. Sure, I know a few big words, I can make a rhyme, but it doesn't help me refine some meaning from those petty skills.
So, a few tips would be nice. An ex-guitarist once told me that I should focus on the bad things that have happened to me; should just write itself and give me some closure. However, I'm not subtle. So it'd be crap like 'blah blah left blah' or 'blah ruined my blah' etc. I've tried writing about things I love, things I hate, things I believe, and none of it has worked so far.

Long and short; I suck at song writing. Lend some tips to a rookie?
uhh, think figuratively, and if you feel like you are too blunt, just make up your own metaphor for everything and address it as such. that way you know what you're talking about, no one else really knows what you are talking about, and they try to figure out what the song means to them. i guess it also depends what sort of songs you are singing
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If you sit down and "try" to write a song, its going to come out crappy. you have to wait for the right time, feeling, emotion, etc.

I think it's easier to have a melody of some sort in your head already, so you can develop the different parts of it as it progresses.
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Uh, screaming, with some kinda high singing. The band's pretty metalcore, I guess.
The melody thing, I've tried a few times. But I find it limiting. Keeps me in a box, so to speak.

Everything I write comes out like rap for some reason.
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It's already been said, some people can sit down and write good lyrics, but for most of us it doesn't work out that way. You do have to wait for your muse to decide to give you good material, the problem with that is you never know when it's going to happen, so I carry a notebook around with me, not a big one, just a small pocket sized one, but you could use a regular sized one too. Get yourself a note book specifically designated for lyrics and carry it with you where ever you go, never leave the house without it. Sooner or later your going to have a thought, you'll say something, you'll read something, you'll hear someone else say something that's going to make you stop and think "That would make a great lyric." then write it down and tuck it away for later, you can save up lyrics till you have a full song or take individual lyrics and write more off the top of your head, that method would yield a good many songs.
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It helps if you have a really clear vision in your head, or right in front of you, about what you're writing. It makes for better lyrics if you can really describe, with some degree of beauty what you're talking about as well. I've been branching out and doing pop, instead of my usual hard rock/classic rock style stuff, and it's really helped my lyrics out. Be sensory.

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Use a thesaurus if you want synonyms to make it sound more deep. Normally, writing should come naturally. Not as naturally as Shakespeare who would write flawlessly without thinking, no, but naturally to the extent where you can get into the listener's mind and trigger the emotional part of their brain with ease.

Sometimes it's not in the lyrics themselves, for instance, Nirvana, who never truly made any sense at all. It's more the sorrow and aggressive state of the music itself that showed that something was going wrong.

To conclude, don't write without help unless it comes out by itself. Trust me, in some of my songs, my lyrics 1) didn't blend in well with the melody, and 2) usually didn't flow.

Try writing things at first that aren't inspired by real life. Or at least, don't necessarily talk about you. Instead, write something about a boy named John who lost the love of his life or something. It might help.
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I decided to just, y'know, relax a little. Lit up a fag and had a coffee. Thought about some of the stupid crap I did when I was younger that stuck out. Picked something (when I was about 12/13, I decided to go with a massive group of, let us say, less... sophisticated persons than I currently am, to smash in some windows of this women who pissed off the whole town I live in, suffice to say, it didn't go to plan, anyway...). Wound up bringing me to the concept of fear. Thought of two things that caused met to be terrified in my life (my previous window-smashing endeavour and another incident I really don't want to discuss), and, well, my general arrogance and my inability to stop myself from putting other people down, and, well, came up with this. Took me roughly ten minutes. It's kind of a warning to myself, really. This is how most songs of mine turn out..

Screaming parts are bolded, etc. The little whatever (can't remember what they're called) is me attempting to be clevar and not give closure to the little story being told... It has a meaning though. Anyway, yeah, I digress etc.

Shaking terror,
But I knew I was in the wrong,
So were they,
But they could put me in a hole,
Hiding time,
I'm only young, where do I go?
God, they're near,
Just another Winter without snow,

Another odd day,
Fear doesn't come along enough,
Put me in my place,
Stop me thinking I'm so tough,
Silence me,
C'mon, I've got it coming,
Teach me lessons,
I've really not learned nothing,

Drunken brawl,
All I did was ****ing curse,
Grab the knife,
Things could've went worse,
The next day,
Another awkward outing,
A young man laughs,
Inside he's crying,
If things had gone different,
He could be dying,

Another odd day,
Fear doesn't come along enough,
Put me in my place,
Stop me thinking I'm so tough,
Silence me,
C'mon, I've got it coming,
Teach me lessons,
I've really not learned nothing,

Fear is warning,
Something bad
Is gonna happen,

Teaches you not,
To **** what,
Your not supposed to,

If you resist,
You are gonna,
Wind up wishing,
You had not ****ed,
With what you're not supposed to,


Another odd day,
Fear doesn't come along enough,
Put me in my place,
Stop me thinking I'm so tough,
Silence me,
C'mon, I've got it coming,
Teach me lessons,
I've really not learned nothing,

So, yeah... Uhm, just, tell me what you guys think. I usually write something moderately coherent when I'm tired, but I guess that's a double-edged sword for me, as my critical eye gets dull from lack of sleep. I'll probably read it tomorrow to get a better view of it. Do your worst with critique, I'd rather get a face-punch than a tap if a broken nose will help me learn more.
I don't know, I don't feel like the song goes anywhere really. One thing that I keep in mind is that I need to have an idea where I'm going. Like in this song I wrote called "Ice Queen" I knew I wanted to talk about bitchy girls in high school that are really hot and you have no chance with. But I wanted that twist at the end where the guy ends up winning her over. I kept that in mind and I feel like its got real potential.

Another piece of advice would be to listen to other sorts of music. I'm a metalhead, but I've been listening to a lot of Dylan, Cash, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis lately, and its really given a different sort of writing.

One last thing would be to write entire songs, and save them all on your computer. Right now I've got about 20 songs, and I know that there's going to be about 10 songs I can get out of that. You can pick and choose stanzas that you like.

As for your song, once again I don't see it going anywhere, and to be honest I don't really like that hardcore style lyrics, but thats just me. I'd say just to keep practicing and don't try to write when you don't feel it
Hah, see, I don't write unless I feel like writing. I've only really been in the mood for writing pretty recently. I've got about ten songs on my PC at the moment. None of which are usable. Same with this one.

I'm usually pretty carefree person in general, but I can't put that into lyrics without coming off sarcastic. Besides, the kind of music I play coupled with the way I sing, requires brutal lyrics. Singing about daisies and happiness, like I said, comes off sarcastic and cynical. I originally had an idea for a song from a time I was stoned, and my friend and his girlfriend were, for lack of a better phrase, pissing me off while I was losing my balls to the cold. Really annoyed me. But, I dunno. I guess I'll keep trying until something good works itself out.
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