Which one of these bass heads is more for me, not neccisarily better. I Play everything, mainly hard rock, classic rock, punk, and grunge. Some metal. On both a four and a five string

I play through an ampeg 4 ten and 1 fifteen cabinet



Price wise they are about the same and i have access to a Mesa Boogie dealer so either one i can get easily, it will be about a month as I need the money but yeah...
dude, i actually just bought a bass rigg and went and tried both of these and ended up buying the mesa. the tone is just amazing.
Definitely the Mesa...it's got much better features than the SVt.

Plus, Ampeg has gone to crap lately.
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The SVT3pro (like all Solid State ampegs that I've played) is way over rated, but I haven't played the mesa so I can't give a real comparison. I will say that the 3pro is really quiet for its rated wattage and manages to sound pretty thin despite being an ampeg.