Good evening boys and girls, I come with a question.

I am trying to get a close friend of mine into the Bass. I am no Bass-er myself, but l certainly have enough skill to hold my own.
Now, my friend is neither hyper interested nor fully disinterested in the bass. My question is, how does one make a person more interested or excited about learning?
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"Good evening boys and girls"

However if he's not interested maybe you could bribe him . >.>
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I think it's different for most people.
you could show him vids of really good bass players that he likes or just vids of really good bass players.
When I heard Cliff Burton play anesthesia pulling teeth, it made me want to learn to play it, which made want to learn how to really play bass.
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Does the friend have any interest in playing bass or are you just trying to get them into it? If they don't want to play for themselves I don't know how much luck you're going to have getting them into it...
You cant force someone to play something but you can help them if they want to learn to play. Get him an easy song that he likes teach him the techniques to play it then teach him to play the song. I like to keep songs as goals to keep in mind I actually have a list on my computer of stuff that I want to learn. Learning a favorite song really makes you inspired to keep playing because when you play songs it shows you how much your practice has paid off.
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