Hey guys, I'm working on an epic heaven/hell trilogy sort of things, and I was wondering if you could look it over for me. There are good parts but overall its rough.

I see the fires burning in my eyes
Deep red of blood blinds my sights
as the devil comes to take me away
I scream, I thrash, I cannot stray

I get dragged down
to the deepest depths
all the while i have grabbed my chest
the burning pain is too much to take
How can I be saved
For God's sake?

I wanted this I thought
I led a life of sin
but when the bullet hits the bone
the devil drags me in
i'm scared
im afraid
but i haven't much to say
my lips are boiled shut and it pains me to this day

What is this prison
what is this place?
I have no idea
My eyes have been gouged out by the minions in his stay

See no evil
speak no evil
oh god what is next?
I scream and writh in pain as the needle punctures flesh.

A just a loving God I thought
but i guess thats not for me
all the killing i did in life is brought back to me.

finally some demons come and chop off my ears
why are they doing this i can no longer hear.

i never believed in the stories of in in hell
i thought that it was different i thought i'd rebel
No!No! I was wrong!
Please help me get me out
my soul is tired and my body pained
please god bring me up