So I'm looking at getting a multi-track recorder. I found today in my travels to every music store and pawn shop within 25 miles of my house that most of the MTR's out there are either Boss or Tascam. I've read on here and online that the boss MTR's are really easy to use...but the one guy I actually got to talk to me at guitar center (I hate that place) said the tascams are easy to use as well.

Does anyone have either brand? I'd prolly be leaning towards the boss just cause I found a boss br-600 for $180 on craigslist...but I would like peoples opinion as well. Thanks folks
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Haha, that's weird, I found a Boss BR-600 on craiglist for cheap too. I ended out grabbin a Tascam DP-01FX off of CL for $200. The whole thing about ease of use is to avoid the ones that have 3 or 4 functions per key. $hit gets messy and it's hard to find what does what...I've only owned Tascam recorders ... 4 track casette to 8 track digital and I think they are freakin' simple to use. I like the DP01 cuz most of the buttons have two functions and you can change button functions by holding the shift button.

I more or less just use the MTR to get something recorded..and then export tracks to the computer in a program where I can have a wider range of EQ settings to mess with the tracks.

Lookin at the Boss BR-600, the interface looks pretty simple. I'm sure with anything if you screw around enough and use the manual as a reference, you should'nt have an issue. But both are OK brands as MTR's.