how come everywhere I look I can see the chords for certain songs but they never tell u what the strumming pattern is ... why they do that ? (

how the hell do I figure out a pattern ... is it that easy to figure out strumming patterns since no one puts them up when they tell u the tabs
if you just listen to the song in question you should be able to figure out the pattern pretty easily.
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If you leave a comment on the tab sometimes the tabber will post the strum pattern for you. If not give the song a listen and try to figure it out for yourself, most of the time I've found that picking up the strumming pattern isn't too hard. Which song are you looking at?
Tab doesn't really show rythym. Follow along with sheet music in guitar magazines, some print the pattern over it. Learn the differences in quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteeths, etc..even if you don't want to bother with learning to read music.
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If you can get hold of TuxGuitar/GuitarPro then those files will usually (always?) have both the musical notation and the tab form of the song. That way you're able to see the rhythm and have it play the rhythm for you - worked wonders for awkward strumming patterns.
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Well if you are having trouble hearing a strumming pattern in the music one of the things that usually helps is counting the beats. So if the song is going....
1 - 2 - 3 - 4
then on one, two, three, and four are down strums.
If you are hearing a strum on the 1/8notes
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
Then throw in an up strum on those "&'s".

This is just rule of thumb. A lot of the easier songs you are probably learning have this sort of pattern. If you hear two strums really close together its probably an up and a down. If they are spaced its kinda a toss-up.