A new song from my band. It was inspired by a Stephen King short story called "N." I highly recommend it. It's in his newest book of short stories "Just After Sunset." But anyway. Check out the song.

Says myspace is undergoing maintenance. I'll be back to check it out later for sure.

Really really dark atmosphere on this tune. This is the kind of music that I listen to when I bust out my drawing tablet. I like the lonely violin in the background as well. Kind of lends to the atmosphere. Good stuff.

Thanks for the crit too!!
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Thanks for the crit man.

I really like this, really mellow, ambient, creepy sounding really creates an atmosphere. The heavy part is great also, fits in place wonderfully. The only thing is I think the sound quality of the guitar tone at the heavy part could be better, that'd really improve it. Great effects and stuff though, nice job!
Thanks for the crit!

Great atmosphere to your song. Great guitar work, really fits the song. Maybe work on the tone a little on some parts, especially the heavy part at the end of the song. Good vocals, really effective and interesting, I love the parts when they are harmonised.
Thanks for the crit. Sorry I didn't notice it until now....

Thinner....nice stuff. Most of the criticism is just production quality (no biggie), but beyond that...watch vocal pitch and try and make the "lead" guitar a bit more interesting.

Other than that...good work. I'm glad it "kicked in" in the end.
    The intro creeped me the **** out! I was listening at full volume with headphones and it was taking a while to load

    The whole song is very good though. Very atmospheric and nice use of the Atonal "scale". Couldn't really hear the vocals, but the melody seemed nice.

    I'd maybe boost the vocals slightly and add a bass drum just to give the sections some defining. Like at the start of each bar.

    Sounds good though

    Sorry about the late reply btw, but my speakers were ****ed xD