So, I recently bought a used RG2570. It's the 2003 model; Basswood body, rosewood fretboard on a 3pc maple Wizard neck, Edge Pro trem, and DiMarzio/IBZ pickups. Yay!
It's silver metallic w/ matching headstock, and has brown mirrored sharktooth inlays + MOP binding on the board. This is my first MIJ guitar, and I'm absolutely amazed at it.

Now, the question; This the first floating bridge guitar I've actually owned, and I'm setting up to my likings. However, my LTD has 2 things to balance, the string tension versus truss rod tension; pretty easy. But as this thing has to balance string, spring AND truss tension, what exactly would I go about doing first? I figured, tune to pitch, level the trem, set the truss rod, rinse and repeat if necessary?

Edit: Most of the set-up issues have been resolved.

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Would you not set the bridge and intonation before thinking about the truss rod? Then only give that a tweak if its still not right?
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You shouldn't really need to mess with the truss rod

To setup the tremolo you should first tune the guitar till its approximately in tune and check the level. If the bridge is too far forward, screw the screws in the back of the guitar further into the wood. If the bridge is too far into the cavity loosen the screws. Once you finally get the balance right tune the guitar until you are close to perfect with each string. Lock them down and recheck the tuning. If your happy use the adjusters at the bridge to bring everything into perfect tuning and of you go.
Thanks guys, but, not to be bold or ungrateful or anything, I have set up the bridge completely level and fixed the intonation and all that, that's fine. The problem was when I wanted to lower the action (It's kind of rediculously high as of now) but I could not get it clean, IE no buzzing. I checked the neck relief, and noticed that there is hardly any at all. Fretting the first and fret-where-the-neck-meets-body resulted in the strings only barely clearing the frets mid-neck, if not touching.

Therefore, truss rod! I think I just answered my own question there...

Anyway, the pics; I have taken them, but I can not find the cable to hook the camera to my PC, so that'll have to wait.
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I don't have any tech advice, but wanted to say HNGD on that sweet Ibanez.
Nice guitar man, I'm liking the amp too, not a big fan of the Blackheart logo.
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Nice guitar man, I'm liking the amp too, not a big fan of the Blackheart logo.

Neither was I. I am a fan of the sound though, but the logo was a bit... scene-y. So I just screwed it off and now everyone that sees it is like 'Woah, what kind of boutique amp is that'. Imagination runs wild.

Oh, and when I said 'first MIJ', I was wrong! Of course my trusty old Ibanez Concord is an MIJ as well.
that is a great looking guitar
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