Hi guys
I bought a Fender CD60 about 5 months ago. I rested it against a wall, and obviously I didn't do that too well coz it fell forward. Now usually that's ok for a guitar, i mean its not good, but theres no real damage.
But i dunno how it happened, this is the first time I've dropped the CD60, and just my luck. The wood between the headstock and the neck split along the grain.
Soo... I'm wondering if
a) The unlikely chance i could get a warranty for something like that?
b) The more likely chance i will have to glue it. What kind of glue should i use?
Yes, i'm aware thta this will affect the guitar's performance. And probably that the glue won't hold for too long. But has someone else out there have this happen to them? If so, how did you handle something like this?
Dont say replace it. I know i'm going to have to replace it sooner or later...
I'd rather glue. Since the snap is pretty long... and its over the fretboard partly as well.
There are a few luthiers over in the gear building forum. Something like that is over my head to give advice about, but surely someone over there can help.
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