yeah i think i already posted this song but..............its probably different by now...........................give it a listen, also can anyone comment on the genre....cause i have no idea. comment
that my friend you have written some nice post rock. some really good post rock as well. not sure if you've heard any of these bands before but maybe you should check out godspeed! you black emperor, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai. and if you want to know a whole bunch more GOOD post rock bands then just pm me or somthing. right now ur song.
pretty cool chords but i think you could add to them and make them more interesting. i like the overall feel and the way that it seem to lack structure and is all over the place. i hope ur not going to turn this into metal. its too good for that.


would be cool if you could check mine out.


i think its a little more pop than the way your describing it