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This is a thread for good Australian Hardcore. There are other threads but they were all filled with pretty much some of the worst in Australia.

Good Hardcore Bands:

Against- [QLD]
Agents Of Abhorrence - [VIC]
all in brawl: [ACT]
Anchors - [VIC]
Bad Blood - [NSW]
Battletruk - [WA]
Blkout! - [WA]
Break Even - [WA]
Bridge The Gap - [WA]
Circuits -
Deadstare -
Earthlings- [NSW]
Extortion - [WA]
eye-gouge: [ACT]
Fixtures - [NSW]
Ghost town- [QLD]
God So Loved The World - [SA]
Goonzilla - [NSW]
Ill Brigade - [NSW]
Infection - [SA]
Iron Mind - [VIC]
Jaws - [WA]
Jungle Fever - [NSW]
Just Say Go - [QLD]
Legions - [NSW]
Mark My Words - [NSW]
Meatlocker -
Miles Away - [WA]
Messenger - [VIC]
No Shelter - [WA]
Mindsnare -[VIC]
Pisschrist -
Pro Team - [VIC]
Rex Banner - [NSW]
Robotosaurus - [SA]
Shinto Katana - [NSW]
Straightjacket nation-
Suffer - [WA]
Taking sides- [NSW]
Terror Firma -
The Hollow -
The Seduction [VIC]
Values Here - [QLD]
White Male Dumbinance - [NSW]
Worlds apart- [NSW]
Your Ghost is a Gift - [NSW]

Check out as many of these as you can, all are solid bands, some have broken up but their music still rules.

Other Australian Bands which aren't really hardcore but are still cool.

The Paper and the Plane - [QLD]
Arrows - [QLD]
These Hands Could Separate the Sky - [VIC]
Willows - [QLD]
Between The Devil and the Deep - [NSW]
To the North - [QLD]
James Dean - [NSW]
The Gifthorse - [QLD]
A Death in the Family - [VIC]
The Diamond Sea -

Post about upcoming shows/tours, other bands I forgot, or whatever else you want.
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I was trying to focus more on hardcore which is why I didn't include metalcore bands.

Also Straightjacket Nation are sick.

PS tell me if any links are rooted.
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I'm shocked that no one has mentioned Carpathian. In my opinion, Isolation was the best hardcore album last year. They're the only hardcore band from Australia I like, and really only one out a couple hardcore bands that I listen to.
Great list, until I saw who made it I was terrified it would just be misplaced I Killed The Prom Queen and Parkway Drive love.
Isn't there already an Aussie thread out here? I think I remember seeing Carpathian in it.

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Quote by bucketmark

Those bands are either metalcore or deathcore, I assume shinn is keeping it hardcore.
Quote by adamcouture
I'm shocked that no one has mentioned Carpathian. In my opinion, Isolation was the best hardcore album last year. They're the only hardcore band from Australia I like, and really only one out a couple hardcore bands that I listen to.

Carpathian aren't really an Australian band though. Obviously they're from there, but they tour the world so so much for a small Aussie band.

Mark My Words -
Messenger - can't link
Well every other thread is filled with "aussie scene sux kk", so yeah, if we make one with a good start, we're all happy.

So don't ruin this one, yeah?
I made the thread because all of the other ones are filled with pretty much the worst in Aus, and therefore people are getting a false view of the Australian "scene."

Ghost town are one of the very few good queensland hardcore bands, picked up their CD the other day. All I really remeber of Earthlings is that they're vegan ha.

What about tours etc.? Have Heart and Break Even are touring everywhere and I've heard rumours of heaps of bands including Converge, Earth Crisis and Swamp Thing coming over. Would be beyond stoked for Converge.
Haha Converge is gonna be so good.
Have Heart/Carpathian is gonna be sweet, Break Even are supporting in Perth.
olololol bmth
Earth Crisis are a band I severely dislike because of their huge militant attitude, but xNEGATRONx needs inspiration so I'll be going.
I'll cream when Swamp Thing come over.

Also Trash Talk/Extortion tour, but apparently the vocalist from Trash Talk broke his leg so no more tour. Extortion should do it anyway.
I'll probably give Have Heart a miss, never got into them. I would be keen to see extortion though, missed them last time they came up here.
Have Heart will be cheap. Last time I saw them it was Parkway Drive, Have Heart, Antagonist A.D. and Break Even, which owned for $23.

They're two of my favourites in one show, I can't not go.
I missed Extortion when they came to Canada because they only played shows 19 hours away from me. How badly should I be kicking myself for not ditching school to go see them?
I didn't think people outside of Perth gave a **** about Battletruk haha. But yeah it was nuts, one of my mates had his shin ****ed up from a gig earlier in the week, and his bone was showing through his leg. He got kicked in the shin during Miles Away, and I just see him walk up to the bar with tears in his eyes asking for some ice haha.
Haha sick.

Battletruk are great. Unfortunately I only have the song Everyday Vultures I got from the Hardcore 2008 comp after the gig. If you have whatever they've released, would you be able to email/link me?
I don't have anything of theirs unfortunately, but I'm sure people I know will have some stuff, I'll send them your way when I get some.
I would literally crap axes if Converge were to come over.

And this thread seems to have merit since it's completely dodged Parkway/IKTPQ/Carpathian haha... now I just have to wait until my net gets here before I can honestly check it out :/
edit: Apparently just a BGO prank....

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yeah i thought it would be with carpathian so went on their myspace and it they had like all the dates with have heart except at byron...