Dunno what to describe this as, I don't really like categorizing music to heavily anyway. Closest thing I can say some of it is similar to would be Between the Buried and Me. Maybe older In Flames in some parts. I dunno.

Warning everyone now, its over 16 minutes long, and a lot of parts take listening to a few times over to really get it.

Sounds best with RSE.
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This is amazing, great job.
I'm still listening, i'm at the long ass interlude bit.
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Well, I just listened to the entire thing and I have to say that was an amazing piece of work. You can feel a very dark/morbid atmosphere in this song, and it works very well. Some people may feel "overwhelmed" when listening to a very long song such as this, but I think that each part does its intended purpose by painting a piece of a picture in one's mind.

Once again, absolutely fantastic job with this. Any chance we'll hear this recorded with some real guitars?

Mind returning a crit?
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I think ill crit as i go.

Im on the intro and its got that nice eerie feel to it i guess. The intro feels a little too long at times, but it still seems to work so you wouldn't really need to do anythign about it.

At B- Intro now. Its a nice change from the previous bit, but it nicely continues the song.

The buildup didnt really work for me, but i guess thats just because of what im used to i guess.

The 6/4 solo i think could definately be improved.

The F - keys bit was pretty confusing/ disorienting to me, but in a nice way i guess.

The H - Crazy fill part was decent i guess. Decent riffage. Not too bad overall.

The Chorus bridge seemed too slow for that point of the song.

I liked the chorus, nice lead.

The ****ty interlude was, no offence, kinda ****ty.

The keys part after that was pretty good with the add9s except that it kind of dragged on.

The long interlude was, again, a nice change of pace in the song. It kind of gives you time to digest the song so far. The part around bar 166 was a little weird to me, but thats prolly juts cuz of my style. Bars 175-177 needed something to fill the space when the notes are ringing. The part of the interlude starting bar 180 was nice. Very dark feel and kind of built up to whatever was coming. Bar 195 was unexpected i guess. I was kind of expecting someting heavy to start after the dark bit. You should think of shortening the interlude. I liked the switch back to heavy. Nice comeback to the solo.

Solo - Good harmony and chord progression choice. Liked all of the tapping. But considering the buildup for it, it felt to me like it should have gone longer.

This time, the chorus bridge seemed to work.

Liked the chorus like last time.

Nice idea of slowing it down in the outro and bringing it back to that riff. The drums are used nicely here to bring the song closer to an end. Pretty nice drawn-out finish. Much classier than the regular old strong finishes.

Overall, I really liked it. Nice riffage and drums in there. Lots of different time sigs used in the first half.

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****, some of that was pretty awesome, but a lot of it (mostly clean parts) were only interesting for a while, got real sick of those, lol.
The Long Interlude is too long, for one. In the second solo you should bring the tapping guitar out a bit more (it gets lost). I like the drums, though, they fit really well. The keys near the beginning are good, but don't seem to do much later in the song. Overall i'd give it an 8/10, but could be a 10/10 with some work.
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Hey, thanks for the crit and sorry it took so long to get back to you. My computer's been an arse the last couple days so I couldn't log on.

Damn that was long! But I like long songs. Some people are bored by them, but I actually prefer them. And hah, I love that the Long interlude that was most certainly Long was also labeled with the letter L. Did you plan that or did it just happen that way?

Not much I can say here to improve it, except you should pump up the volume on both tracks 1 and 2 for their solos. Especially track 2. It, as Jango22 said, kinda got lost in all the chaos. I liked that both guitars had different solos instead of just doing harmonies though. That layered quite nicely...if you could hear them both.

Anyway, thanks again for the crit on my partial song that is most definately not anywhere NEAR as long as this, haha. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.
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With vocals this might open up better. Hmmmm...

I can't say I liked it that much. Some of the clean parts were the best... but usually the songs I like have some parts that just strike me. This one had a lot of mood, but that's not something I'm usually looking for in music. Someone might, so I can really only give you my perspective of this.

It definately had some interesting parts and I propably have to listen this few times (as you suggested) before I can really say what to make of it... but nothing really struck me the first time I heard it.