Hey all, just wanting a bit of advice with marshall amp footswitches. I have a the JCM900 100watt twin reverb but for the past few yrs have been using it with a single footswitch, whcih changes channel....However this cuts out the reverb unit so neither channel has reverb, no matter how high i turn the dials up. And each channel has its own reverb setting. Now my problem is, i hate marshall footswitches due to the cable in them being weak as p**s and always breakin so would it be possible to put a regular jack socket in so i can connect it with a regular jack, as i did this for my single foot pedal and it worked but im not sure if it would work with a twins footswitch as Im not sure how they exactly work.

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Not really sure what you're asking, but here goes. the JCM900s only work with the double footswitch. The ones with the stereo jack on it.

What do you mean by putting "a regular jack socket in"?
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