Hey all. I am having some trouble with finger positioning for this one song.
The song is kickapoo from tenacious d. This is the part I cannot play:


Maybe my fingers are to short or I just cant stretch it for that long...?

Thanks in advanced
Its a F bar chord. Hold your pointer finger over all of the first fret, middle where it asks you on the second fret and index and pinky on the two 3rd frets.
do what i did, put ur right hand in between each pair of fingers on your left hand then expand your right hand and it will stretch out your fingers, my pinky and ring finger almost form a 90 degree angle when i spread my hand out
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Lay your index finger across every string on the first fret. Use your ring finger and pinky on the 3rd fret, 5th string and 3rd fret 4th string respectively. And use your middle finger for the 2nd fret, 3rd string.

What you have there is whats called a bar chord. That particular one is F major assuming standard tuning. They are very common so the ablility to play then is quite important.
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