I'm looking for a new guitar and amp for nothing more than home practice but ofcource want it to sound nice... i play a lot of different styles of music...
from metallica, GnRand ac/dc to red hot chilli peppers and eric clapton/dire straits..
My budget for both guitar and amp together will be around 800 € to 1000 € , a bit more is possible.. for an amp i was thinking about the Roland Cube 30, but im not sure about the guitar... i already have an ibanez RG320 but i dont like it that much, i want a guitar which i can easily change tunings with.. maybe an epiphone or strat came to mind.. and i dont really need a trem on it.

Thanks for your time and ill be looking forward to the reply's
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or strat came to mind..

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Yeah either the Cube or the equivalent Vypyr and you'd be best to compare them side-by-side with the guitar. I have the Cube 15x and it is certainly loud for home use so I use the squeezer a lot. As you have a fair bit for the guitar, what about a used Gibson SG. You can get Standards around that money but do have a care about the neck as sixties style ones are much nicer to play than seventies and on. Of course a real sixties one would be a bit over your money but the re-issues are very nice. Its an investment you won't regret and will cover all the styles you want.
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What country are you from? How loud does the amp need to be? (home use? / band rehearsals? / gigging?)

If you need something for home use only, have a look at this guitar:

and this amp:

If you need an amp that is louder, have a look at these two:
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30 watt vyper with a Schecter C-1 classic or a strat

But if you're looking to use pedals at home in the future, get a valveking and a schecter c-1 classic or plus
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well i'm probably gonna buy some pedals in the future, since its only for home use im sure 30 watts is more than enough for me.. i also have a Line 6 spider 3 30watt atm (please dont flame me for that )
and btw, im from Holland..
Amp wise i would say try a Crate v50, their not made anymore so finding one may be weird but they normally are rather cheap, guitar wise a strat is a good choice
If you want pedals, your best option is a tube amp - so the Blackstar I linked to is worth a look. If you have a tube amp, 5 watts is plenty loud for home use. Heck, I've played 1w amps that were ridiculously loud for home use.

If you're going to get some overdrive/distortion pedals in the future, you could go for an amp that doesn't have much gain on tap, but better cleans. Have a look at this:

It's nice for lower gain sounds, but won't do Metallica or anything like that. However, with a good distortion pedal in front of it, it will do those tones as well.
get the Cube 30 I have one and could not be more satisfied. As for the guitar you could look into a used 80s ibanez artist (its not a shred guitar) or a Washburn Idol series (they have coil splits so its versitile)
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An Amp worth trying is the Blackstar HT5. The combo verison is a 5W valve amp and is getting alot of good reviews. It also comes with a pedal. Give one a go in the shop. Having said the most important thing is to get a good guitar you enjoy playing.