what'd you use to mix that? it sounds awesome. a little metalcore, but i like some, like as i lay dying and unearth. but yeah, the program sounds great.
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thanks man! i was on a huge 'clayman' kick when i did that one. in flames ftw.

guitars are my hellraiser c7, podx3 running into my onyx 400f. drums are superior drummer 2. drums are tweaked all within s2.0. i mastered it running back through the onyx clipping the a/d's mildly. then hit it with the Elephant 2.
Can definitely hear the "in-flames" right away. Nice driving beat/riff. One gripe though. The guitars have a nice fat sound, but could use a bit more sizzle to separate them from the bass guitar. Great tune and great mix otherwise. Also, them drums be nice and beefy as well. Good stuff dude.

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ratm that was cool! you need drums for that asap. i use superior drummer 2.0. its 300 usd. and i hate the kicks, they suck, lol. but they got ez drummer, it sounds pretty good (limited tweaking tho), and its only 70 bux and totally worth more imo.
yeah I also heard the In Flamesness instantly. I think the drums sound kinda wet, if you know what I mean. Or it could be the lo-fi version, either way, the snare is slightly too loud IMO.

Loved the guitar parts though.

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