I play mostly death/heavy metal in a band that plays live regularly. I enjoy playing songs by bands like Opeth, Slipknot, Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, Rage Against The Machine, Iron Maiden and others.

So far I've been using a Digitech RP80 for effects/distortion, and I've worked really hard to create some good tones. But when the equipment is worse than usual, it just sounds like noise.

I am considering buying FX equipment near the price range of $150-250. I found a few processors online, like the Line 6 Floor Pod and Floor Pod Plus and the Boss ME-70. Also, I saw pedals like the Boss MT-2 and ML-2 and the Digitech Death Metal and TL-2. However, buying pedals would mean spending a lot.

I'm not looking for the best of the best gear, but I want something that will last, and something not too expensive.
Good metal tones that I can improve, also decent effects.

What would you recommend I buy?
well i have an mt-2 and quite love it. i would recommend it. but if i were you i would go for the ME-70
Bands I've Seen:
Ozzy Osbourne
Rob Zombie
In This Moment
Age of Daze
Blue October
Inward Eye
Billy Talent
Rise Against
Theory of a Deadman
Pop Evil
Blink 182
All-American Rejects
Fallout Boy
I normally play through a 15W Laney practice amp. When we play live, we use the amps the venue provides ... usually something like a Marshall MG100DFX.
I usually have to try really hard to get decent tone, but I see other guitarists with gear like the Line 6 PodXT Live and Floor Pod Plus sounding all right with zero effort.

Also, the RP80 is tiny, and I sometimes press the wrong button(s) and the expression pedal by mistake.

Again, something with good metal tone.
I play through a Marshall mg100fx and a Digitech GNX3. I would def. recommend the Gnx over the Line 6. I had the line 6 and played it through the same amp I have now and hated it. I sold it and bought the Digitech GNX3 Best move I ever made. There are tons and I mean tons of downloads for this pedal. It is most awesome and pretty cheap I got mine on Ebay for around 140.00
Keep saving for a new amp.
Buying pedals isn't going to improve your tone much,
its still gonna sound digital as hell.
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I don't really want to buy a new amp, because carrying it around with me isn't really an option.
But I didn't really consider the GNX3 before ... does it have good amp/cabinet choices for metal?
I couldn't find it on Musician's Friend, only the GNX4 is available for $399, which is way above my price range.

Thanks, and keep the advice coming.
i used to have a line 6 pod xt live, and it sounds great (although imo nothing sounds like individual pedals )
i also had an mg100dfx, and i am sooo glad i didn't pay for it =).. multi effects sounded bad through it though. I think you're better off getting a pod xt live or a gt-10 or something like that and plugging it directly in the PA
So would that be a PodXT Live or a GT-10?
Either way, they're kinda out of my price range.
Yeah, that was the one I was looking at. Will it do everything I need it to do/