Hey UG'ers!!

Over the years almost every guitar-related magazine and website have comprised polls of who they (or the readers) think is the 'Top Guitarist'. Almost all of todays well known guitarists, ranging from Buddy Guy, Buckethead, Syd Barret, David Gilmore, Paul Gilbert and Eddie Van Halen, and everyone in between have been included. To some extent there is always an argument as to who should be where, and why. I know that everyone has differant opinions, and they are basing those on differant criteria and musical tastes. So i'm not touching that argument.

What I want to know is, WHO taught WHO?

I would like to start a list of Teachers/Students: =) I know that almost every guitarists can cite EVH or Slash or Jimi Hendrix as an inspiration, but i'm talking actual lessons here.

To start: Paul Gilbert -> Brian Carroll (Buckethead)
Joe Satriani -> Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Larry LaLonde from Primus, David Bryson from Counting Crows and a host of others. (1)

I just love to listen to this differant guitarists, and see how the influences and subtle techniques have been passed down.
Anyway, this is an open thread, so if you have anything to add go for it.

Rock on!

Thanks to (1) www.bbc.co.uk/tyne/music/2004/06/satriani_interview.shtml - 50k for the info.
Michael Angelo Batio taught Tom Morello, but I don't think this is the right place for this.
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