Hey fellow UGers.
I've had this 'idea' in my head for quite some time now, but I feel with the widespread and ease of use of the internet today, it probabley isn't feasible. Nonetheless, I would like some honest feedback about whether or not YOU think its a workable idea. Any suggestions greatly appreicated.

Imagine the show 'Trucks' or any of the other car/truck related shows that come on Speed channel, or Spike T.V., and this is what I'm getting at.

Heres the pitch: A 1 hour weekly program, that has guitar gurus come on the show and play licks/lessons and talk about techniques. Guitar players male or female, come on the show and talk about everything: From how to get over the jitters of playing onstage, to changing strings, to talking about strap locks, and even showing how to set up a floyd rose.
There could be the possibility of a few short segments which they might quickly give tips about something minor, then progress with the rest of the lesson.

I'm sure companies like Earnie Ball, Marshall, and Ibanez would most likely give a little funding to have their products displayed/used during the show, and then there are the commericals.

Some setbacks or problems that I see:
1) A fair bit of this information is already on the internet, which could be a problem for the show.
2) With so many differant playing styles, there would have to be a general lesson which could be ultilized by most genres, so as to appeal to all the masses OR lessons could be given weekly and each week would be a differant music style.

Anyway, just a quick thought, because there are lots of truck and car shows out there, where companies show off theyre products, but not a music/guitar t.v. show.
They have been reduced to using the internet and magazine (I think theyre losing out on that percentage of the population theyre arent reaching through t.v.)
Also, there is MTV, MuchMusic and MuchMoreMusic t.v. stations, but theyre just dramatic shows, with hardly any music videos anymore, and certainly nothing on how to progress musically.

I think its time for some Positive feedback. Any suggestions or comments, feel free to make em.

I think you have a great idea there. I would definatly watch and or subscribe to this idea. You could have guest guitarists on and play video by their bands, and talk about their stage equipment and studio equipment and give lessons on their songs. I something like that on On demand on my cable box, but it is only updated once a month or so, and I am always waiting for that.
they have loads of these shows in japan and have had for ages if im not mistaken, with paul gilbert, marty friedman, angchang etc as just a few guests i know of. A western one of good quality would be awesome though, I live in Australia and I assumed there were already shows like that in the US/Canada though lol.
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well as far as i know here in Texas they have this already, its a free accessible program on Comcast where you can look at new gear reviews for Bass and Guitar, lessons from editors of guitar world magazine and behind the look scenes of bands onstage gear, guitar shops like PRS, and you have beginner to advanced lessons to choose from. Its a great Idea honestly since i spend most my time looking for new stuff they have out.

EDIT: for those who dont know Comcast is a cable network for digital cable in HD/standard
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Awesome Idea!
Might cost a bit to set up and stuff though.
I will be following this right through

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