Does anybody have this mic? Its supposedly specialized for a kick drum, and for the cheap price i was considering purchasing it (and also using it for bass perhaps)

Right now in the studio i am currently using, there is a Kick Drum mic that comes with the Samson 8 Piece Drum Mic Kit, as well as an AKG C-414 and a couple of RODE NT-1's.

Do you know how it would compare to those mics?

edit: its funny how when you're really tired you tend to type as if you only know broken engrish.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
I have that mic, it's pretty damn good, but I don't use it for kick drum. I use it for floor tom and it worked great on that. I actually used a different mic from Audix for kickdrum called the D6. It is the best I've heard or used for kick, and I've used all typical favorites, from the Shure B52, the AKG D112, a Shure SM57, a cheap CAD kick drum mic, etc...

If the D6 is too much ($199) then this F14 is a good substitute.