So if you like A7X or Synyster Gates at all, then you've probably been to one of their recent concerts or watched them on youtube. There's been a lot of speculation that the new solo that synyster plays is their cover of "In The House In A Heartbeat" from the movie "28 Days Later" (Awesome movie by the way.) Well, I noticed something when I was watching videos from their recent concerts; as Synyster is playing that mellow kind of haunting clean line, the big lights on the wall behind them start to light up until the melody climaxes into a humongous 4 chord thing. Pay attention to the way the the A7X lights on the wall look.
Take a mental picture of that, and now look at a Resident Evil 5 game trailer. When the Resident Evil 5 logo shows up at the end, it looks exactly the same! Either that or just look at the cover on the game's box. I'm pretty sure that they look exactly the same. I could be grasping at straws here, but maybe possibly this new A7X song could be featured in some way with RE5?
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