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The thread title says it all. If you could choose ONE ENDORSEMENT and ONLY ONE ENDORSEMENT, what would it be, who would it be from, and for what?

Please, don't be idiots giving several endorsements. I use Warwick and Fender basses, with SWR and Mesa cabs. I use Rotosound strings. At this exact moment in time, I'd pick Warwick since it would save me money in the long run.
Quote by Cody_Grey102
I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..

or ran, custom body shape but with an ibanez neck
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Probably an amp-company, as the amps are usually the most expensive pieces of gear.
ATM, I'd either choose Randall or Mesa methinks.
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amps. krank or mesa
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probably a custom Agile Reaper 7-string, because i have two of their guitars that i love & they're not hugely known, & i would like to support & promote a company like that.

OR a custom Jackson RR7 (even though they're not made anymore), i LOVE the shape (thats why i like the Agile Reaper) & i love 7-strings
Eden probably. I could see myself spending a lot more on amps rather than basses.
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Ooof. That's hard but I'm gonna have to go with ESP. Because though a good amp is more expensive than a good guitar, I don't see myself wanting more than one. But, when you're a floyd rose fan, more guitars are always helpful.
EDIT: I actually did link from the homepage and not notice the forum it was in... but I would still choose ESP for bass.
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As Im happy with my basses, Id go with Mesa definately.
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ampeg. but i agree with suggy. i always thought spectors were just mediocre basses that had more looks than sound, but god damn, when i played one at my guitar shop, oh my!! I played a 5 string bolt on "ReBop" i think its called, and wow! The pickup placement was very unique, and the neck was fast. The beauty is a given. I would change the EMG's though. sorry for the off topicness
This is a real bummer i think i would prefer, an amp to endorse me, as i would like top play all the bass's. MAybe if ampeg were still there i would have an endorsment Trace elliot, a couple of Ah 350smx's or Gp 12's and matching preamps.
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I'd probably go for Ibanez. Slightly boring, I know. Their custom shop only do stuff for their endorsing artists now (as far as I know) and I'd really love an ATK and a SR tweaked to my spec.
Probably Ampeg or Trace Elliot, since I would end up spending a ridiculous amount of money on amps otherwise, and I'd rather build my basses myself
Man, I'm just SHOCKED at how many guitards STILL link in here. However, I didn't tell them to take a hike - just to register themselves! Ha!

But now that I think about it - do I really want anything other than my Vampyre? Maybe in fretless with the body wood of the SN versions. Hmm... I'll stick with it. Or maybe Fender? Who knows. Yeah, Warwick.

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Alice. dont ask me why but I just play better with their picks.

EGAD! The Chinese string making company?
Quote by Cody_Grey102
I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
Fender, I love all their basses, guitars and amps.
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Peavey, for sure. A VB-3, Tour 810 fridge, and a USA Cirrus 5 or two would be awesome.
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But then again... by the time I die (at age 27, natch), I plan on having an SWR SM-900 and Power 750, with the 900 running 2 Mesa 212s, and the 750 running 2 Big Bens. And if I don't need all that power, I can use the same rack and just take half the cabs. So maybe Fender would same me all the cashish? Make it official, I'm switching my company. Even though I have the SM-900 and one of the 212s.
Quote by Cody_Grey102
I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
Orange. Nuff said.

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Quote by PedroLesPaulVM
Fender, I love all their basses, guitars and amps.

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hmm orange i just love everything about the amps. minus the price of course.
ESP or Spector, both of them are amazing bass makers imo...
i cant choose an amp yet, ive only used ashdowns properly, i would need to spend much much more time with new amps (ie, practice, giging) to be able to choose any companys to endorse.
Fender basses and amps.
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Fender. It would be awesome to get all that gear that I wanted from them for free.
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basses, amps, strings, bags etc. and they are amazing
Ampeg, simply to save money, but ideally:

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I'd probably go with Ibanez, Just love their basses... simple as that!
Warwick. I love the basses, and the amps are decent. I'd prefer Eden for an amp company though.

But if I could only have one endorsement: Warwick. I would own a Thumb bass for every day of the week.
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Laney- Love My RB3 and plan on upgrading to the nexus series in a year or two
I'd want somebody to make me some nice pedals. Delay, mod, synth-disto, etc.
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Ernie Ball Music Man. I just love the Stingray bass so god damn much.

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Though for bass or amp individually I wouldn't necessarily pick free fender if I had my choice, If I'm limited to one endorsement I'd go fender so that I could cash in on both.

Who wouldn't want a bassman 300 head (and of course a vintage bassman combo for the small clubs) and a custom shop bass?

That's one company, it doesn't count as multiple endorsements right ?
well i'm stuck between Warwick and music man. But for the sake of the thread i will say Warwick just because their basses are more expensive and there are more i want from them
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