Could be bad intonation, or a bad overall setup. Might want to check that?
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fret buzz from what ive seen is generally caused by a few dif things. A) the action is set too low so the string hits frets higher up on the neck. B) fretboard is bowed and the trus rod needs to be adjusted. C) the nut is ****ed up. im not sure how you would fix the nut, but the other 2 are fairly simple. if its the action, simply raise the bridge and then reset your intonation to account for the adjustment. if the neck is bowed, simple crank the trus rod depending on if the neck bows in or out.
See JJ1565 for checking setups and adjustments.
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As mentioned before its generally caused by low action, too much/too little neck bow, etc. Its usually just because the string is hitting somewhere when it shouldnt be and thats causing your buzz.
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