i want to re-bind my headstock with wood binding and found this tutorial on stewmac.com:

"Wood binding, or purfling, bends when lightly wetted and bent on a heat source such as our Bending Iron, or a homemade version using a piece of copper or aluminum tubing heated with a propane torch. "

i don't have a propane torch to heat a length of metal tubing. could i use the shaft of a heated soldering iron? maybe let the iron heat up, then cool down a little so it doesn't burn the wood?
Not sure about the soldering iron thing, but you could test it and find out?

Heres a spray you can get for making wood easier to bend


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I would imagine a soldering iron would work fine for bindings. Just soak them in water for a few minutes beforehand and wet them if they dry outs so you don't scorch the wood. It probably won't need to be exact just close enough so when yo tape it on it's in the right place.
i would get a piece of copper tubing like the stewmac tutorial says and place your soldering iron so it is touching the tubing , if you let that sit long enough it will heat up the tubing in the same way and you can go at it like that.