so i've been playing guitar for about 4 years now. i brought my guitar to college last year and did the same this year. for the first semester this year, i was the only one of my three roommates who played guitar. one of them had a guitar and had only been fooling around for about 2 years. for the first semester i let my other roommate borrow my guitar sometimes so he could teach himself (claimed he could get a perfect score on reptilia on guitar hero on expert, so by extrapolation, should be able to play on a real guitar). since winter break though, they both brought guitars with them (the one i lent mine to got one for christmas). now i feel kinda irked. especially the one that got a new guitar (a) his was more expensive than mine, (b) he's into kinda folksy/poppy (a.k.a. douchey "look guys i'm a folksy guitar troubadour") acoustic music which he can (c) play reasonably well, and (d) does so A LOT and LOUDLY. it kinda feels like both of them are kinda encroaching on my territory and i kinda feel like an asshole for thinking that. neither of them are douchebags and we're all pretty good friends. what do i do?
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Circle jerk, its the only opetion
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nothing ? play, and let them play
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Tell them to play good music, if they dont play than play your guitar loudly and play what you like.
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If he's playing too loudly, just tell him to keep it down...if he wants to play folk music, and that's what makes him happy, what's the big deal?
Be happy that other's have found, and both share, the same passion as you do.
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Circle jerk, its the only opetion

This is correct, ignore all other options. Also; video tape it.
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Circle jerk, its the only opetion

That is only acceptable if you've just watched The Prestige.
soo....basically you're kinda bumped because you're not different anymore, well if one of the only things in you is that you listen to what you call good music and play guitar is what makes you an individual, well i dont think there's nothing anybody can do for you.
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jam it up. don't be prideful. learn from each other. you should be stoked that they enjoy what you do. you've got live-in jamming buddies now.


and if it's really too loud just play yours louder or ask him to turn it down a bit. not a huge problem really is it?
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why would you share a room with another guy? Cant you afford your own room?

he said he's in college. most of the time you've got room mates. i don't know anyone in school/that went to school that didn't have room mates. it's kinda the norm.
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he said he's in college. most of the time you've got room mates. i don't know anyone in school/that went to school that didn't have room mates. it's kinda the norm.

not in the uk. i went to uni and shared a flat (apartment) but not a room. do you designate times for fappage or what?
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i was going to post something slightly ruder, but you've got the point across.
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im jealous yu get live with other guitarists tbh.

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he said he's in college. most of the time you've got room mates. i don't know anyone in school/that went to school that didn't have room mates. it's kinda the norm.
Sucks to be at one of those colleges. How does anyone ever get laid?
Play brutal music louder than them and tell them that they are guitar noobs.
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It sounds like you helped inspire at least one of them by lending him your guitar in the first place. I'd be pretty chuffed if I was you.

But if you want a less serious answer you could always knock them out, insert eggs into their assholes and wait for the screams when they wake up and try to move.
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Try introducing them to good music, they'll probably like it if it has good guitar stuff and everything, and why don't you try playing together sometime? and if it's too loud, just ask them to turn it down a bit.
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You could actually expand your musical tastes a little more and take an interest in what they're playing.

Instead of you know, bitching about it.
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Sucks to be at one of those colleges. How does anyone ever get laid?

I guess it always has to do with one's financial situation. You could always live off campus, but that's generally more expensive. At least here in California, most schools dorms are set up with room mates.

You can still get laid. Go to the girls dorms.

Or you know, get over yourself.
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Honestly dude you sound a little douchy yourself trashing their music taste like that. If they like that then let them there's no reason to be upset about it. To simply live with someone else that plays an instrument is a pretty nice opportunity and you should take advantage of that. And get over this "I'm not special anymore" feeling. Honestly if you wanted to feel special for playing an instrument then you chose the wrong one my friend. And just tell him to turn it down, no big deal.
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You should turn on the Prestige.
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lol, i even said i feel like an asshole. so you guys calling me an asshole are completely right, but also kinda self-righteous.

but i don't know it just seems that the guy playing loudly REALLY REALLY wants to be the folksy troubadour guy. they don't seem interested in playing as a group, as it seems the acoustic playing guy is really interested in playing what he plays and doesn't bother listening to anything i play.
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Sucks to be at one of those colleges. How does anyone ever get laid?

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