Are there any links you can give me with good hand exercises to do for both fretting and picking hand. Whenever I play with a pick my hand feels sore after just a bit and I've been playing for almost a year now. Also, I need to know if there are any exercises dedicated to improving finger-style speed (other than simply "playing that way alot").

Any help?
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I also need some help with my texting technique.
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Playing that way a lot.

Sorry man, the best way to improve technique is to practice that technique. The best way to practice that technique is to play somthing that uses it, and play it a ton. Sure, you can pick up some chromatic exercises, but at the end of the day finger stregenth and independance both come from lots of time on the strings. "Almost a year" is still pretty young on any instrument, if you wanna get better put more time in. Just be paitent, music is a lifelong journey.
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