eeeuh. i played it in a local guitar store. it plays quite smoothly but the sound I got from it was a bit thin (i could raise the 'bass' on the AMP but I just tried to compare basses). And the led lights beneath the knobs is slightly anoying :')

if you liked back to the future, you will like this bass.
you could do better for the price, like a squier jazz, which is like the same thing as that but doesnt look like something that looks like it can be plugged into a nintendo wii
I haven't played one, but from what I hear they feel too light...like you're holding a toy.

Of course, this is coming from someone who is saving for a T-40...
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i found it too light as well. more toy than instrument... altho the lights did look pretty
it looks better in black.


This is a review from Ed Friedland. Take this with a grain of salt, since he does use a very good amp. If the video doesn't work, just go to the channel and click on it from his page. That's what I had to do
Are they always that cheap?!

I know here they cost about $750, but that price in the link seems way too cheap for a mid-range Yammy.