Seems like we need a thread for the great game of PING PONG!

A place to share stories, tips, strategies, etc.

Let's get this started...

Do you guys have any tips for keeping from overshooting the ball when hitting a topspin?
it was originally called wiff-waff
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TBH, the best use of ping pong balls is for epic ping ball shots into cups.

agreed, and also when they have the ping pong championships on espn2 at like 3am. when they have the asian dudes standing like 10 feet back from the table and throwing everything they've got into every shot. haha best late night tv, hands down
^^ that's called showboating i'm afraid, seriously, if someone is that far back, what stops you from playing a drop shot straight away if you're going for the point seriously?

table tennis is amazing.

in answer your question OP, you need more topspin. angle your blade forwards more and hit through the ball with more pace to generate more spin. you want to hit the ball with the fastest moving part of the bat which in this case, will be towards the back.
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it was originally called wiff-waff

That was a pretty bad attempt at humour
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Once i played it at school and one of my friends stood 30 cm beside me and i pulled the worlds biggest smash. guess where the racket went after hitting the ball.
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