My driver side rear brake drum smells and smokes when I drive, I'm pretty sure the shoe is contacting the drum but I don't have the time or money to fix it for the next couple days and I need to get to work and school. So my question is, is it safe to drive?
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i would say yes... if it smells of burning and generally doesnt work, then there could a hazard. lol :P

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Just turn the wheel to maximum fastness.
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It should be fine. Just don't drive for long distances. It could seize and more costly repairs down the road... Or just disconnect the line only if its not powered by the BMC.

EDIT: What kind of car by the way I can probably be useful if I knew what car...
I wouldn't drive far at all. The worst that'll happen is you'll wear out your brake shoes and possibly warp your drum from excessive heat. Remove the wheel & drum, and see if you can back the adjuster off so it's not dragging.
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