Hello. I have recorded my first song ever. It's on my profile. I would like constructive criticism and feedback to help me get better.

[EDIT] I have fixed some errors in the song.
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Thanks for commenting and rating. Sorry about being repetitive. Also, my friends have told me to add lyrics but I can't sing and don't know anyone who can lol. Anyways, thank you very much.
I wrote a comment and rate your song, hope you record something with trumpet the next time.
I'd be glad to hear your opinion on some of my original songs and covers.
Hey, thanks for commenting and rating. I'll try and add some trumpet into the next song. I listened to your cover of "All Along the Watchtower" and thought it was actually very good.
Ok. Thanks you all for all your comments. I've talked to a friend about playing bass for me, another about singing, and another about playing guitar with me. So, depending on what they say, I'm probably gonna redo the song. Thank you all for you're help.