Poll: Who do you feel is "in the right" reguarding comments on the breakup of GnR?
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Axl Rose
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4 100%
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ok, this sorta thread may have been made many times before but i want to see what people think now.

Axl Rose.
Is anyone getting sick to death of his whining in any "interview" he does? I'm refering to what he said in the latest interview on the frontpage of UG, mainly about his answer to why the band split up.

Ok, cliche bit here now. I'm a big fan of Slash (but am trying not to be biased!), and i want to know why the hell Axl is telling us all this stuff about Slash "should not have been in GUNS to begin with or should have left after "Lies". Why hes telling us this now. And making a big thing of it.

Personally, i think Axls like a child, just looking for trouble, because the way i see it is that Slash has simply left it behind, and is minding his own business, doing his own thing. Being very mature about it.
When asked about why the band broke up, as far as i'm aware, he tried to make the blame as light on Axl as possible.

Anyone else in the Pit anything to say related to this? Either against Axl or against Slash, just as people. Not relating to musical skills.
Axl Rose = Oral Sex
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not to much as a guns fan anymore after chinese democracy anyways, guns was better with slash and your right axl is just being a baby about the whole break up