Hey guys i need some help. I am going to look for a new guitar and amp this weekend and i just wanted to get some of your thoughts. My buget now is $1000 as a total but if i wait longer i can strech it higher about 1300 or so if it would really be worth it. The genres i play are all types of rock and metal. The guitars i am looking at now are the jackson rr3's and the amp is still in question maybe the new 6505 112 or a peavey vypyr. Just tell me what you think and keep in mind the amp must be big enough for about a gymnasium without being miced up. thank you
What setup do you have right now? Especially guitar. If you're guitar will last you for a while longer then you could save yourself a couple hundred dollars in the short run and just get a nice amp for now.
IMO, you should probably think about getting a 600 dollar amp and a 400 dollar guitar instead of the other way around. For amps, I've heard a lot of good things about the Kustom Defender and Randall RG50 (although this one may be a bit more on the metal side of things) they are both around 600 USD.
For a guitar, you could try looking used or if you can stretch your budget a bit one of these. Ibanez also has some pretty decent guitars around that price range.
^ Smart man, I'm not gonna suggest specifics, but spend 600 on amp and 400 on guitar.
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If you play metal then the wait for the 6505 112 to come out and buy that. I don't really know that much about metal guitars in the $400 price range though...
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Buy the 6505+ 112 combo when it comes out,
then wait a while (having the amazing amp will tide you over) until you've gathered that
extra couple hundred and spend 600-800 dollars on a guitar.

Atleast thats what I would do.

EDIT: To be honest I myself would just spend all that money on a $1300 amp LOL
but yeah, a new guitar would probably be nice for you I would think.
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Ok the current guitar i have is an epiphone speacial 2 and to be honest i really want a new guitar and amp because the guitar just not my type and i have a crappy line6 spider 3 15w