Well I thought I would have another go at writing lyrics.
I'm new to all this writing so its not gonna be good and its probably pretty much generic lyrics you would expect from someone first starting but anyway.
Haven't quite sorted out what parts what yet so wondering what you think of it and how I could improve since I have no one to ask about this stuff really.

Stronger fool but with a powerful mind.
Quite blissful in these darkest times.
The silence of these Knights Of Time speaks violence to these criminal minds.
It brings out the worse in me to see you begging for your human dignity.

One thing we see in each other is the will to survive.
We have ours, they have theirs cavorting natures best. ?????????
Simple and so addicting, [constricting their vague complicated view over us all./constricting their vague view over us all.]
No, we didn't come to criticise this way of life......just to amplify this (****ing?) will of mine.

Crimson claws tainted with the blood of those who fall, no longer knowing what we were longing for.
Families and friends coming to an end.
All for this bitter war, we live to fight for the downfall of what you say is right.

Too many demons left inside my head.
Too many vices gathering towards my end.
Too many faults halt my perception of this wild ride.
Is it just me or am I all? Or nothing at all?
What kind of music is this ment for? ex: Metal, Hardcore...................Techno?

lol its pretty good, I personally like the last stanza best
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"The sun is a cube, not a sphere."

"The sun is a cube, not a sphere."


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Aw man. Out of context! People are going to think I'm crazy.

"The sun is a sphere, not a cube."

"The sun is a sphere, not a cube."

Rock, the last bit I planned to just have it spoken at the end or middle. Not sure yet lol
I'd say rock anyway, rock or hard rock.
I think its a good start. Just get the structure down you can start adding chords.
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