Been meaning to ask bout this for a while, but my Rhythm/Treble switch on my Les Paul has gone a bit funny
Its ok on Treble, works fine, but if i flick it to Rhythm, its sometimes as if the volumes turned right down, so only a little bit of sound comes out. (try it if you don't know what i mean)
If i sorta ram the switch a bit to the left then it clicks back into place, and is ok again for a bit.

My question: how hard is it to fix? I've done bits of guitar surgery before, but am not sure if it should be looked at by the guys in my local music shop. What would you reccomend?
Aren't there seperate volume controls for the rhythm and treble?

I know it sounds silly, but have you tried them?
I have this problem on my Black Beauty, mostly keep it on treble, unless i want some better sounding clean tones i'll switch to rythym. I normally just pull the guitar cable from the amp and put it back in again. Have to do it a couple of times and then it works fine.