Poll: What do you think of Iggy's latest musical endevour?
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Iggy is brilliant! I can't wait!
8 62%
Ehh. It's fair.
5 38%
This sucks! I want back the Iggy who cuts himself on stage!
0 0%
Whatever. I don't care much for Iggy.
0 0%
Voters: 13.
I did check the search bar couldn't find anything.

Anyone hear about the new Iggy Pop album, Préliminaires, set to come out near the end of April? Iggy himself made this website for it complete with a video. He sort of talks about inspiration for the album and what not, then at the end of the video the audio from one of his new songs plays, "King of the Dogs." It is brilliant. It is unlike anything Iggy has ever put out. He is seriously playing straight up New Orleans Jazz type stuff.


Discuss? Thoughts? Comments?

Although this is jazz type music I felt it belonged in the punk section because Iggy is the Godfather of Punk.
I can not WAIT!! I love exploration within music, and even though Iggy has spent most of his career doing the garage and punk stuff, I know he can do it. I can't wait to hear this.

EDIT: I just heard the song as the end of his video. This is SO bad ass. I love this. I am so pumped.
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I don't listen to Jazz to much, but hearing that, well, it isnt too bad,

atleast hes trying something new
whaaaaaat the fuuuuuuuuck

that little clip at the end just blew my ****ing mind.

i also like how he's putting out an album for France when he cant even pronounce the name of his own song.

foyee mot. psshhh
Sounds good, but I'd probably rather just listen to the jazz that influenced it.
Wow this is really exciting. Its crazy how hes like 60-something and still doing such great ****.